Stopping smoking isn’t just about will-power!

A bit of support can make all the difference. That’s why we offer one to one support, face to face, over the phone and on video calls. Our Living Well coaches will help you understand what triggers you to smoke, how to cope with cravings and will offer practical support to cut back, stop and make it stick.

Practical support can include nicotine replacement therapies like patches and gum as well as vapes. For anyone getting free NHS prescriptions, these are also free.

GPs, pharmacists and community organisations can put you in touch with us and we also work closely with a number of local pharmacists to improve access to stop smoking support.

Opening times:
from 9:00-19:30
Self referral / GP referral / Agency Partner referrals
One To One Quitting Smoking Stop Smoking

For more information:

Please call 01706 392 210

Living Well Rochdale

Lock 50
Oldham Road
OL16 5RD